Heavy duty mobile boat lift that permanently attaches to your pontoon. Lift your boat in max water depths of 4.5 - 7 feet on any lake or river bottom. Stop your boat in shallow water without anchors for fishing or swimming. Lift your boat all the way out of the water for an hour, or entire season, without tying off or manuevering onto a standard lift. Easy to use and quiet, independent switches adust front and back heights to keep your boat level. More versatile than stationary lifts or docks; no worrying about being stranded by low water levels, coming untied and drifting off, banging against docks in windy weather, removing or installing lifts each season. ----- Fully retractable and trailerable, will not affect pontoon warranty or performance. Remote control option or standard toggle switches under boat seat, no extra battery or control box needed. ---- Hydraulic, structural aluminum, maintenance free, 2 year warranty. A standard SeaLegs lift fits most pontoons 18-26 feet long, lifting out of water or stopping buoyancy at a max 4 - 5ft water depth. Canopies, height extensions, tri-tube lifts, special models available. Manufactured in Minnesota for over 14 years. ----- Order a standard set thru August 30th for $ including freight and rigging. Email Beaver Dam Bay Marina or call 920-219- for information. Thanks for looking!